Barbara Close

Barbara Close

Barbara Close is president and founder of Princeton Sustainability Advisors in Princeton, New Jersey. Leveraging the tools of strategy, finance and operations, she develops operating frameworks and valuations of corporate environmental initiatives. Her clients range from Fortune 100 to mid-sized enterprises across the industrial and consumer products and services sectors. Her goal is to deliver solutions to clients’ environmental challenges that achieve positive ROI in both financial and environmental terms.

    Scrap As Inventory: Converting Waste into Assets

    Barbara Close | Sunday, January 12, 2014
    Thinking of scrap as a product can bring a new level of professionalism to a plant manager’s sustainability quest. Plant managers know the value of the scrap they produce, and typically dedicate one or more service providers to keeping plants clear of waste. An efficient, well-run production team ... More »

    Talk trash or waste, just not both

    Barbara Close | Tuesday, January 7, 2014
    Sometimes I wonder why I help companies with “sustainability” when what I’m really helping them manage is waste. The problem is, if I call myself a “waste” consultant according to conventional lexicon, you would think that I was something I’m not.  The issue is that the term “waste”... More »