Derek Young

Derek Young

Derek Young is a principal at EarthPeople Media. A veteran CSR and sustainability executive with nearly 20 years experience, Derek is a recognized thought leader in the sustainability community. He serves on the Grant Advisory Panel for the Pollination Project and the North Texas Food Bank's Food Advisory Council.

    The Iceberg Principle of CSR

    Derek Young | Sunday, January 4, 2015
    Consider the tip of an iceberg. When we see these imposing cliffs of white ice, it's amazing to realize that we're only seeing about 10 percent of their total mass. No matter how big it is, 90 percent of the ice mass is hidden. In many ways, a corporate social responsibility program is like an icebe... More »

    SXSW Eco Does Sustainability Austin-style

    Derek Young | Sunday, October 19, 2014
    As a seasoned consultant and a green entrepreneur, I’m always interested in conferences focused on sustainability and social innovation. What makes SXSW Eco particularly special is its Austin location. In association with that famous organizer of fun, SXSW Eco has a reputation for seamlessly blend... More »