Yekang Ko

Yekang Ko

Dr. Yekang Ko is Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Texas, Arlington. Her research and teaching focus on urban sustainability and environmental planning, specialized in planning and design for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    Barriers and Opportunities for Climate Change Education in Dallas-Fort Worth

    Yekang Ko | Friday, July 19, 2019
    Climate change is a current and serious challenge for cities and communities across the globe. Direct impacts, such as sea level rise, are felt by the general public in some areas. Yet, those who live in regions away from the coast can find it more difficult to comprehend local impacts of climate ch... More »

    Transportation’s Vulnerability to Weather Extremes

    Yekang Ko | Wednesday, November 4, 2015
    Traffic jams, road closings, airport delays, iced light rail power lines – we tolerate these inconveniences as inherent in a complex transportation system. But what if changing weather makes such disruptions more frequent and costly? How do we think about transportation planning in a context of we... More »