How to Plan an Ocean-Friendly Family Adventure

How to Plan an Ocean-Friendly Family Adventure

Kids love adventure. A great way to give them a memorable one is to journey to the coast for your next family vacation. Instilling a fascination for the sea in your children at an early age will also create a shared family love of ocean exploration – something you will be able to build on in your future travel experiences.

A key to a successful ocean experience is to ensure that your first trip offers accommodations that work for everyone. Typical all-inclusives tend to scatter families. If you’re into that, check to see if the hotel offers childcare service or activities that cater to active children. Alternatively, a self-catering option such as a villa or vacation home rental offers amazing bang for your buck.

Extra room can minimize the pressure in the “family dynamics,” if you catch my drift. It’s perfectly natural to want your own space. Give each other some personal time and space to breathe to ensure harmony on your vacation. It will help rejuvenate each other for more fun when you do come back together!

Begin your planning early and make it a family experience. This is your opportunity to introduce a family sport, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing or yoga, to name a few. Take some time to do some prep-training prior to travel, thus building your family bond in advance.This also gives you a reason to weave healthy living decisions into your daily routine, not just your vacation. That’s right, this is a chance to upgrade your life!

Now it’s time to get some gear. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase everything. Renting your larger types of gear is most common, especially with surfing or scuba diving. Your adventure can begin with a set of masks, fins and snorkels to practice before you go. Also, be sure to get a simple set of good binoculars. As a photographer, I also encourage people to purchase some inexpensive adult and kid-friendly cameras to record your memories.

Finally, know your limits. Some of your family members may want to take a relaxing swim around a reef; others may prefer to sit poolside with a drink in hand. Both can be achieved in the same location. As long as you are mutually considerate of each others’ interests, you can all indulge in your favorite activities.

When it comes to stamina-driven adventures, kids generally don’t compare with grownups. Sometimes kids can endure longer than their parents, others times they cannot. Only you know your family. In fact, the best part about taking an ocean vacation together is that you will know each other – and your world – even better when it’s over.

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